Source :Fair Isle Socks, As seen at: mensocks.tumblr via: wolseyblog.com
Socks are the most overlooked menswear item. When you’re putting together an outfit, socks are usually the last thing to be considered. But let's face it if you forget to pick out some decent socks who’s going to notice but if you accidently pick out a clashing suit outfit then that’s a day you won’t forget!
Nevertheless, many style opportunities are missed by not stocking up with a combination of patterns to add a splash of colour and a contemporary look to your workwear or weekend outfit. Wearing the right socks to match your outfit can make the same sort of difference that a made to measure suit makes to a man who is a little shorter than average . But take the whole colour matching thing too far and you could end up looking like Carlton from the Fresh Prince of Bel Air.                            
Traditionally black socks are an easy pick, black goes with everything and when you wash them you don’t have to spend hours pairing them up! But with 365 days in the year you can break up your routine by adding a bit of colour reflective of the seasonal colours or fashion trends.
This Winter socks with Argyle and Fair Isle patterns are key style directions. Looking back Argyle patterns have a prominence as a classy preppy pattern and a menswear essential. The Ivy styling is the name of the pattern that appears in this type of sock. You can get various contrasting colour blocking and combinations to update the traditional dark colours used with this style. Match Argyle socks with neutral chinos or dark tailored trousers or denim jeans.
pic via the sartorialist