My intimacy choices from Vanessa bruno's films

Day for night captures a mysterious fugitive impression of vital strength which is deployed in the darkness of the night. 
With Lou and Valentine all the feminin ambiguities start moving. Catlike and delicate, embodied but secretive…
After this soft and sensual parenthesis, the race between the two women, between night and day, between Lou and Valentine, becomes a liberation. Lou sets off for the sun.
Here Vanessa imposes the group “Efterklang” a bewitching folk music. Then the sensuality and emotion of Lou’s song which she has composed. The movie sets off with “ The books”.
Day for Night is an emotion. A movie like a poem. A collection that is strong and slightly erotic.
A three-measure visual poem like three exquisite moments with composer Gonzales appearing like an unforeseen encounter. A punctuation of sound. In this way the film sets free three life movements: three tempos expressing the poetry of a garment, delicate gentleness in motion, freedom of gesture bringing forth life. A throbbing corporeal experience, an awakening. The arousal of sensations.
The second measure. An inner searching ambience. Introspection, the emotion, Lou’s tears, those of a breathless heart, brimming over.
The third measure. Release, self-discovery, a soothing deed. A silent cry, brute. A long travelling, uplifted arms. As if she’s flying. Escape. Music composed specially by Gonzales to accompany Lou.
A film or tale of inner adventure.